Big Data Processing

Big Data Processing

Today’s business has more data than ever. Hidden in this is the information that can set your business apart. Our Business Analytics & Big Data practice will help you turn shapeless data into actionable insight.

Enterprises today have to deal with ever-growing data challenges. They are struggling to manage and analyze the avalanche of data coming at them from a variety of sources such as internal teams, public entities, social media, web applications and data centers. The current enterprise solutions are unable to handle the volume, variety and velocity of these datasets. In additions, current solutions have difficulties scaling and lack adequate speed and performance necessary to yield meaningful results.

pmar s.r.o. has been at the forefront of the Big Data revolution, working with key technologies, building platforms and creating solutions to help enterprises solve their data problems. A few examples are developing algorithms to solve large computational problems and building text analytics techniques to analyze unstructured text and perform sentiment analysis.

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