IT Service Plans

IT Service Plans

Our comprehensive flat-rate monthly IT service plans allow you to find the right balance between your budget and information technology needs.

We take the hassle out of monthly invoice haggling with a single, flat-rate monthly fee covering all the IT service your business requires. Our customers find that the level of service drastically increases with these types of service plans along with minimizing their downtime and interruptions.

Our customers also enjoy smoother IT operations. We are the one technical contact for your office.  We will manage all your IT infrastructure vendors from your telephone, internet, phone system vendor, or copier service, just to name a few.

You only have to remember one number to call when you have a problem – we take care of the rest!

Our plans are range from simple monitoring, outsourced IT help-desk services, to full on CTO services. We base our recommendations on each specific company’s needs.

Monthly Service Plan can include

IT Services:

  • Unlimited Remote Help Desk
  • Unlimited Depot Support
  • Unlimited On-Site Support
  • Purchase Assistance
  • 24/7 Server Recovery
  • Reduced Rates for Hourly Service

IT Monitoring:

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • Usage/Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Firewall & Security Monitoring
  • Anti-Virus & Spyware Monitoring
  • Backup Monitoring/Restore Test
  • Smart-UPS Monitoring

IT Maintenance / Management:

  • Management Reporting
  • Patch Management
  • Access to Management Tools
  • Vendor Management
  • MS Exchange Maintenance
  • Postfix/Dovecot Maintenance
  • Anti-Virus License
  • Spam Filtering Service

We also offer a plan for peer-to-peer networks without a server.

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